GRC in the Digital Age, 22 Nov 2016

Governance, Risk and Compliance are of paramount importance in today’s Digital Age. Organisations need to understand and respond to challenges deriving from embedding technology in the way they perform their business. Addressing risk and compliance management in an integrated manner allows a consistent view of information assets and efficient application of resources that will enhance each process and the outcome these bring to the organisation, with the goal of improving the overall governance and performance. Technology risks have become a reality for all kinds of businesses. Irrespective of the size and type of your organisation, you cannot ignore the possibility of such risks. Organisations today need to manage an overwhelming amount of big data supported by technological solutions which forces them to revise their governance, risk and compliance processes. 

The event was completed with great success and large participation of parties from the private and public sector. Some pictures of the ITSMFCy members and affiliates are here below.