itSMF Cyprus is wholly owned by its members and is not dependent upon any specific vendor organization.  Membership status in the itSMF Cyprus will be obtained upon successful application and the payment of a fee determined by the Management Board.  The Management Board has the right to deny membership to any individual or organization that it feels may bring the name of the organization into disrepute.

Membership is valid for one year from the date that membership fees are invoiced. Membership may be renewed at the end of that time. Failure to renew will result in termination of membership.

The benefits and obligations of membership (outlined below) may be changed by the Management Board to accommodate changing circumstances. Members have the right to propose changes to the membership structure provided these proposals are made in writing to the Management Board.


Membership Types and Fees

The proposed membership categories, fees and benefits for itSMF Cyprus are summarized in the table below.






 Student  Single named student.  Not transferable  30  1-7
 Individual  Single named practitioner (typically from user organisation).  Not transferable.  50  1-7
 Individual-Combo  Single named practitioner (typically from user organisation).  The individual has a valid membership with CCS (Cyprus Computer Society).  Not transferable.  40  1-7
 Academic  Academic institutions, Government and semi Government InstitutionsUp to 2 named individuals.   Name changes during the membership year allowed only at the discretion of theitSMF Cyprus  150  1-7
 Public Institutions Corporate/Vendor-2  User/vendor organisation with up to 2 named individuals.Name changes during the membership year allowed only at the discretion of theitSMF Cyprus, eg to cater for staff turnover.  200  1-9
 Corporate/Vendor-5  User/vendor organisation with up to 5 named individuals.  1 membership card for client.Changes allowed as per Corporate/Vendor-2  400  1-11
 Corporate/Vendor –10  User/vendor organisation with up to 10 named individuals. 3 membership cards for clients.Changes allowed as per Corporate/Vendor-2.  600  1-11
Corporate/Vendor – 25 User/vendor organisation with up to 25 named individuals.  5 membership cards for clientsChanges allowed as per Corporate/Vendor -2. 700 1-11
Corporate/Vendor-25+ User/vendor organisation with unlimited named individuals. 8 membership cards for clients Changes allowed as per Corporate/Vendor -2. 800 1-11

 *All prices are quoted in EUR and are exclusive of VAT


The sponsorship is setup to be 1.000 EUR.  Any company who is becoming a sponsor during the first year of the chapter’s operation will be referred to as “founding sponsors” (only during the first year of operation) and will receive a Corporate/Vendor 2 complimentary membership for the first year. All the sponsors will be mentioned on the itSMF Cyprus web site.




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